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Inverter 2305i

We continue with our inverter 2305i new standards.

KÖCO - Stud welding equipment ELOTOP

All models of the ELOTOP compact stud welding equipment series are laid out for top performance as well as highly cost-effective drawn arc stud welding. Through their special features they are designed for rough wear on building sites and continuous operation. Microprocessor controls, current regulation and high performance ensure precise repeatability and optimum welding results, even under a great variety of conditions.


KÖCO - Stud welding equipment INVERTER

The KÖCO compact stud welding equipment INVERTER combines excellent welding characteristics with low weight, minimum size and outstanding performance. Therefore it is the ideal equipment for mobile tasks or stud welding on thin work-pieces.

KÖCO - Stud welding system INOTOP

Stud welding gun “ELECTRONIC” integrated in the control loop of the power source Pre-selection and storage of current, time, lift, damping and shielding gas preflow time via foil-protected keyboard...

KÖCO – Stud Welding Equipment KST

The new capacitor discharge stud welding equipment KST 108 and KST 110 are particularly suitable for
welding studs of diameter 3-10 mm onto thin sheets.

KÖCO - Stud welding guns CLASSIC

The CLASSIC series of stud welding guns are technologically advanced high performance tools for drawn arc stud welding. They are designed for comfortable operation and known for their sturdiness and reliability. The range includes guns for every application, matching accessories are available.

KÖCO - Stud welding guns ELECTRONIC

KÖCO stud welding guns are technologically advanced high-performance tools. They are designed for comfortable operation and known for their sturdiness and reliability. The stud welding guns SERIES ELECTRONIC are specifically constructed for connection to the KÖCO Compact Stud Welding Systems INOTOP.

KÖCO-Cold formed parts

Wherever complex precision parts are in demand, KÖCO is the right address.

In close cooperation with customers, the required part is developed to production stage and then precision cold-formed on multistage forming machines. Mechanical finishing, thermal treatment and surface coating complete the range of processes offered.


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New benchmarks with the new inverter 2305i

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